Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Garden Window Table

Well, this is my newest project I am working on. Its not finished yet... I am still trying to figure out how I want to paint it. I am open for suggestions. I got the window for free on craigslist, the legs came off a broken table I got for free on craigslist and the wood I used was from an old house that I took a bunch of pieces from. Let me know what you think so far.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Old WIndow Cabinet

Well, this is my latest piece of furniture. I made this out of some of the boards that came from that early 1900's home, barn boards and an old 6 pane window I got for free on craigslist. This was a little tougher for me getting the window to work right as a door. I thinking it turned out pretty sweet! Its currently up for sale... right now for $50. UPDATED: Sold it today... the same day I listed it on Craigslist!


Old Door Room Divider

These doors came out of an early 1900's home. I thought they would make a cool room divider, so I hinged them together and started sanding the one door. I put it up for sale and thought I would keep working on it until it sold but a guy bought it the very next day. He drove all the way from Vancouver Washington for it!

Vintage Headboard/Footboard Bench

This idea I had seen a couple times before and thought it was neat. So when I came across a headboard/footboard with no rails, I knew I should obviously make a bench out of it. Turned out really cool... still needed some paint and finishing touches but sold it anyways.

Old Rustic Bookcase or Canning Shelf

This was my third creation. The main frame was built from some neat boards that I took off of someone's burn pile and the back is the same barn boards I used on my other two projects. Sold this pretty quick and actually had multiple people ask me to build more because they would like one as well. Its just amazing to me that people actually like the junk I build!

Barn Table

My next build was this accent table, that I call a barn table. It was one of my favorite pieces looking back at the items I have built. I really like the criss cross that I did on both sides which is really difficult considering all I have is a battery operated circular saw. Sold this to a dealer who was going to make a wash stand out of it.


First Creation: Garden Potting Bench

This was my first project. I made this out of scrap wood that I went and picked up for free off of craigslist. The wood window I already had and the barn boards were the only thing I actually spent money on. It turned out pretty cool for my first build! I sold it a week or so later!